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Two people in Coimbatore Quarantined with Symptoms of COVID-19

Two people with coronavirus symptoms quarantined in Coimbatore GH

The number of people affected by a coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. India is no longer an exception to the COVID outbreak, which plagued countries around the world. After the isolation of 3 people in Trichy due to COVID-19 scam, it is now Coimbatore, which becomes prey to the symptoms of potential Coronavirus outbreak in Tamilnadu.

Yes, two people in Covai are under surveillance in the Coimbatore Government Hospital. And to be specific, out of two people, one is a foreigner from Thailand, and another 27-year-old woman is a native of Coimbatore who traveled back home from Qatar. So far, two people died of coronavirus infection in India, and the infected cases have exceeded 100 in India.

Sources reveal that the victim from Thailand has reached India this month 6th along with six people as a tourist and landed in Chennai International Airport. After sightseeing, the team arrived in Erode three days before for return via Coimbatore International Airport.

The Thailand passenger has been stopped from check-in after the fever verdicts and taken over to the Government medical college hospital in Coimbatore. Foreigner tourist is treated for diabetic fever now, and the doctors claim that the coronavirus treatment will be carried out on him only if the current treatment fails to respond.

During the airport passenger screenings for COVID-19 in Coimbatore Airport yesterday, two people were scanned and suspected for Corona due to the high fever in victims along with cold and cough.

Alongside, Department of Health Care in Coimbatore has been indulged in the prevention process like spraying disinfectant and wiping the public transports to avoid the spreading of COVID-19. The state has already announced holiday for LKG-5th kids in the regions near Kerala due to the Corona and BirdFlu outbreak and now this proven Coronavirus scare around the city hikes the pressure in double.

Two people in Coimbatore Quarantined with Symptoms of COVID-19