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Two Arrested in Trichy For Downloading and Selling Copies of New Movies

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Two from Trichy arrested for downloading and selling new movies: Trichy: Though Tamilrockers illegalism in movie piracy is beyond the limit, Tamilnadu police in Trichy has charged four men for downloading and selling new movies. What exactly happened at two shops in Rockins Road lead the police officials to arrest two men for downloading new movies and pornographic videos from the internet.

The Cantonment police filed a case against after a serious search on the electronic goods shop owned by Mohammed Ashraf and booked Ashraf along with his employee Kadar Batcha of Alwar Thoppu. Kadar Batcha was caught red-handed for the illegal doing of downloading new movies from the internet and selling those contents via pen drive.

Apart from the movies, Batcha was booked mainly for the act of downloading porn videos from the internet. The cantonment police cleared that employee of the shop Batcha admitted his crime at the injunction of his owner Ashraf. The shop owner Mohammed Ashraf is yet to be arrested.

The police officials seized the CPU, monitor, cable wires, pen drives, mouse along with 120 Rs from the shop while arresting the employee Khadar Batcha.

Simultaneously the police searched nearby shops, which lightened up the illegal activity based on the same crime. The police arrested shop employee, Sheik Abdullah of 21 years, of Valluvar Nagar for the assault of downloading and selling new flicks and pornographic contents. As of the Ashraf case, the second shop owner Riyazuddhin is also yet to be arrested.

IPC sections of 63, 63B, and 65 Copyright Act plus 66B of the Information Technology Act apprehends legally for the four men under siege by the cantonment police in Trichy district. And this kind of immediate charging is required for the spoil brats to stop the illegal piracy of hard time work done by the film industry.

Two Arrested in Trichy For Downloading and Selling Copies of New Movies