Following TNPSC Group 4 Exam Malpractice, TRB Exam Doubted for Malpractice

Teachers Recruitment Board

Teachers Recruitment Board

Right after the TNPSC exams, TN TRB conducted a qualification examination for the recruitment of teachers vacancy. The scam in Tamilnadu Public Service Commission's Group 4 and Group II A goes viral arrest in the last few days, accusing the verdicts. The situation aroused due to the Group 4 Exam results released in Tamil Nadu in some parts of the Ramanathapuram district, there were unanimous opinions of 99 candidates. The inquiry was intensified following this heartbreaking scam uncovering. It was announced that the 99 offenders would be removed from the list, and those qualified candidates would be given jobs. CBCIT is investigating the case.

Malpractice in TRB Exam:

Adding fuel to the fire, Now, the situation seems going beyond the TNPSC and likely to be the same in TN TRB too. 

CB CID released a press note recently stating the arrest of Boopathy, who indulged in the TNPSC Group II malpractice by getting 55 Lakhs from the examiners promising to clear the exam and get jobs along with Jayakumar. Meanwhile, another policeman Siththaandi was arrested in his relative's farm in Sivaganga district, noted to be involved in scam accompanying Jayakumar revealed as he got nearly 82 lakhs from 15 people affirming to get the jobs. Among 15, only five people acquired a job.

On the other hand, Crime Branch CID raged their race for Jayakumar in all neighboring states, including Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka, since the suspect is a Keralite settled in Tamilnadu.

After the brief investigation with Sithaandi and Boopathy, the CB CID officers betray that malpractice similar to TNPSC shows A1 Jayakumar's hands of fraud in TN Teachers Recruitment Board. Sithaandi declared that he has no connection with the TNPSC officers and stated that he only knew Jayakumar.

What happened in TNPSC SCAM?

The exams were written by a special magic pen where the answers were immediately cleared, and then with the help of intermediaries, 52 examiners answered the questions. An inquiry is underway secretly to the two Taluk officials who were the choice officer at the Rameswaram and Kilakkarai centers.

TNPSC Record Clerk Om Khandan was arrested in Chennai last week 26th January, for this offense. The police seized several important documents during a raid on his home. During his interrogation, Jayakumar from Mugappaer was introduced by Palani, an intermediary with the Chennai TPI. Jayakumar has also promised to give 15 lakhs to Om Kandan requesting to make his selective people help to clear the TNPSC.

To get involved in this scam, Jayakumar, who gave Rs 2 lakh to Om Kanthan, went to Rameshwaram just one day before the election and gave the magic pens to the examiners. After the examination, the answer sheets were placed in the treasury of the Ramanathapuram district. 

Manickavel was working on handing over the answer sheets to the Chennai TNPSC office. Om Kantan was appointed to assist him. Omkandan, who had taken the answers, intercepted the vehicle that had gone off and took him to dinner. Then Jayakumar has given the keys to the vehicle with the answer sheets.

By morning Jayakumar changed the answers of the 99 participants and placed in the vehicle anonymously. Balasunderaraj, who was helping Jayakumar in the case, was also arrested. The trial judge ordered the detention of both men Om Kandhan and Balasunderaraj in jail for 12 days until February 7 in Puzhal prison. The police are in search of the main accuse Jayakumar to date.

Following TNPSC Group 4 Exam Malpractice, TRB Exam Doubted for Malpractice