Actor Prasanna Venkatesan
Mafia actor Prasanna, on June 2, alleged that TNEB is overcharging people and looting their money in this lockdown time.

Is TNEB looting people with extra EB charges?

Actor Prasanna, yesterday June 2, has kick-started a debate on whether the TNEB is looting people with extra EB charges. He has asked the people in his Twitter handle to share their views on how many of them feel that TNEB is on a looting spree in this corona crisis lockdown time. Many support his tweet, and others complain that for popularity reasons, the actor is creating an issue out of nothing.

TNEB & lockdown

TNEB announced during the lockdown time that it is enough to pay the same previous bill amount. It was because they were not able to come for the door to door meter reading. Hence many paid their past bill amounts during their bi-monthly payment cycle already. Now since with relaxations in the lockdown 5.0, the EB officials are taking the meter readings. And the people have to pay all the pending amount within the stipulated time, or their EB connections will be cut. Many were shocked to see bill amounts, which were double or even more than they usually pay.

Possible reasons for the rise in EB bill amounts

With almost all people in the state locked inside their homes, it is natural that there is more power utilization. It was summer for the past two months, and it is always consuming more power than the other months. The other main reason is that people paid only the previous bill amount for their last payment cycle, and now the difference in that amount adds to the current payment amount.

Prasanna’s explanation to his tweet

When the media inquired Prasanna about the tweet, he gave the following explanations.

  • I did not say that TNEB is looting the people with extra EB charges as a statement
  • I only asked how many of them also feel that TNEB is looting them
  • I asked many friends, family, and relatives about their EB bill amounts and only after their grievance of paying more, I have put the tweet
  • I accept the fact that since people locked at home may have consumed more power and also of the fact that we are paying for the remaining amount of the last cycle
  • I am only concerned that the TNEB is considering all the four months reading as a single entity and not as in the previous two months cycle
  • It will make the people utilize the payment deductions as per the units consumed, for example, those using below 100 units need not pay
  • People have been without work for more than two months, and such big bill amounts will become a significant burden for the people

Prasanna’s tweet on the excess EB charges is real or not is a technical issue, but it is sure a big worry for the people to pay all the pending bill charges now for the past two cycles in one go.