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TN Government Will Impose Goondas if Sanitizers and Masks are Sold at a higher Price

No One Should Sell Sanitizers and Face Masks at High Price

Covid 19 death toll nearing  15,000 and infected cases around 350,000 cause panic in the world. In India, the official infected cases crossed 400, and the death toll is at seven have forced more than 80 cities to lockdown. The Tamil Nadu government has ordered to impose Goondas Act on those who sell face masks and sanitizers at high costs. It is after several recent news of selling them at more than ten times their price and also of duplicate and from unlicensed manufacturers.

Coronavirus fear is causing the whole world to panic, and everyone is searching for some way to be safe from it.  Even though it cannot be seen with the naked eye, it could get into anyone's body thorough the infected person. It is the tiny droplets of water they emit from their body while sneezing or coughing. Only a proper face mask will save those who are near to such infected persons.

The tiny droplets contain the deadly virus, and contacting them with the hands will get into the respiratory system to cause the Covid-19 illness. Hence to wash hands to get rid of any such virus attached to the hands is vital. And equally important is to use a sanitizer for instant clean. Hence these two were in high demand across the world for the past three months now.

With the coronavirus rapid pace spread, the demand for the face mask and sanitizer has also skyrocketed now. Though even people ready to pay ten times more for them, they are not able to get quality ones and end up with inferior products, which may not serve the purpose of killing the coronavirus. Hence it not only becomes a waste of money but also increases the risk of getting infected with the wrong use of it.

Hence the Tamil Nadu government has now ordered to invoke Goondas Act against those selling face masks and sanitizers at high costs. Goondas Act will not allow the person arrested under it to get bail for a minimum of one year period and have to remain in jail without bail from any court. WHO also asks stringent measures not to sell face masks and sanitizers above the cost price.

This fourth week in India is crucial for the coronavirus infection to change from stage 2 to stage 3.  Staying at home is the need of the hour than to purchase these high costing masks, and sanitizers and especially for children and elders should never get out of their home this week.

TN Government Will Impose Goondas if Sanitizers and Masks are Sold at a higher Price