Tik Tok Fame Rowdy Baby Surya Escaped from Quarantine Hotel

tik tok tamil rowdy baby surya escaped from Airport Quarantine.
tik tok tamil rowdy baby surya escaped from Airport Quarantine.

Tik Tok Fame Rowdy Baby Surya in Tirupur ignores to be in quarantine after returning from Singapore to Coimbatore International Airport. The controversy celebrity Rowdy Baby has escaped from the hotel quarantine in Coimbatore to her house in Tirupur.

The compound members immediately called the Health Department and complained about the lady regarding their CoVid fear.

The Tik Tok Baby fought with the officials who advised her to be in institutional quarantine for some time, and she stated that Singapore is better than Tirupur.

Sources say, she went to Singapore with some personal invitation, but due to lockdown, she could not return. Surya stayed with her friend and continued her Tik Tok activities along with her friend from Singapore.

When India opens for an international flight to bring back Indian citizens, Surya recently returned to Coimbatore Airport from Singapore. When officials allocated quarantine hotels, she escaped to Tiruppur house.

Surya lives in a rental house, build with multiple houses in a single compound, other tenants gave a complaint to Govt officials since they have a common toilet. When govt officials asked for a medical certificate, she did not cooperate with them and called for police officials. Finally, officials took her to Tiruppur Govt hospital and conducted the Corona test.