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Three Persons Affected with Covid-19 in Trichy?

Covid-19 in trichy

Coronavirus threat:3 people of Trichy are in isolation:

Trichy: Passengers from international countries like Singapore, Sharjah, and other countries landing in Trichy Airport are checked regularly for Coronavirus before entering the city.

Coronavirus breakout in China is still stabbing the world with the infection immensely, even after a month. Likewise, the World Health Organisation and individual countries are engaged in the prevention process to support their citizens from dying of CoronaVirus infection.

Meanwhile, Trichy International Airport has also been involved in the screening process of passengers from international terminals. During coronavirus screening, three Indian passengers from Singapore and Sharjah have been identified with fever symptoms.

Immediately, three passengers were taken under isolation due to fever in the Trichy Government Hospital. The three victims are under the surveillance of seven special doctors and nurses in the isolation part 1, which is for fever patients. The hospital has another isolation part 2 for the critical patients as an ICU block.

Trichy Government Hospital directorate Vanitha says that the patients will soon be sent home after the fever regulation since there are no symptoms of Covid-19 till now.

There are more than 1000 masks Kept in Trichy Government Hospital for precautions of other people. To-date 28 patients are screened for Coronavirus in the whole country of India, and no proper deaths occurred.

Similarly, Bangalore city has been witnessed with CoronaVirus symptoms, and the people are advised to wear masks and undergo preventive measures like clean hands, avoid food sharing, and sneezing in public.

Three Persons Affected with Covid-19 in Trichy?