Health Minister, Vijayabaskar Says, There is No Case of Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu
C Vijayabaskar - Health Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

Health Minister, Vijayabaskar Says, There is No Case of Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

In the backdrop of coronavirus outbreak in China, vigil stepped up in India, no need to panic, says Tamil Nadu Health Minister: Coronavirus outbreak is the latest news that is doing the rounds in the various forms of the media across the world. The outbreak of the same has given global nations a reason to worry, especially the Asian countries.
In the backdrop of this, the vigil has been stepped up in India. In Tamil Nadu C. Vijayabaskar, who serves as the health minister of the state has reassured that the state is safe, and he reiterated on the fact that there is no need to panic as far as the outbreak of the deadly killer virus is concerned. As of this writing, no case of coronavirus is reported in the state of Tamil Nadu. However, there is a growing concern about natives of the state who are residents of China, where the outbreak of the virus is reported.

Coronavirus battering China:

While the death toll in China is still mounting following the outbreak of the virus, several hundreds of patients have been put under observation in the country. Back home in India, the situation is tense. Hospitals are prepared to deal with cases of coronavirus, and this comes amid global concerns about the death toll due to the virus rising in neighboring China.
Back home in India, a medical alert is sounded. Passengers who are traveling by air from China are being screened at the various airports in India for symptoms of the killer virus.

Kerala’s Precaution Measures to Prevent Coronavirus:

The neighboring state of Kerala is under strict surveillance. Samples of passengers suspected to be infected with the virus have been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, for detailed analysis. A source who is familiar with the developments has gone on record to state that samples of a few passengers from the state have turned out negative for coronavirus.
The source also confirmed that hundreds of patients in Kerala had been kept under observation. Also, in the state of Maharashtra, less than ten persons who have displayed symptoms of the virus have been kept under medical observation. A majority of the patients have been tested negative, and results of a section of patients are awaited.

Instruction from Delhi:

In the backdrop of this, the central health minister in Delhi, in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has received instructions on the preparedness on how to deal with cases of coronavirus. Meanwhile, a 24-hour call center has been made fully operational.

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