Vadivelu Complaints Against Singamuthu and Manobala
After a controversial open talk of singamuthu with Manobala, Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu lodges complaints against them with SIAA

Chennai: Vadivelu filed a complaint against Singamuthu and Manobala directly with a petition to South Indian Actors Association. Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu is a well-known comedian in the Tamil cinema industry for more than three decades. With some personal political issues in Tamil Nadu, Vadivelu stopped his full-fledged acting career and made himself isolated from his fans. However, his comedy comparison via memes made the veteran actor to be connected with the present generation.

After a long out from his carrier, now Vadivelu is in headlines again as he filed a complaint against his old friends of the industry, Singamuthu, and Manobala, for disrupting his peace by their speech.

Recently, Manobala interviewed Singamuthu for his YouTube Channel, and the conversation about Vadivelu is going viral on social media. Singamuthu openly shared several statements about the very old comedian Vadivelu in his comic slang, pointing to personal controversies. Hearing to the interview, Vadivelu directly lodged a complaint to the special officer in the Actors Association.

In the petition to the Association, Vadivelu stated that I’m a 30 years continuous member of the South Indian Actor Association. I was deeply disturbed by the speech of Singamuthu and Manobala recently about me and I like to condemn the false directly through a case.

Vadivelu also requested South Indian Actors Association to take the necessary action under the law 13 of Actors Association against both the actors immediately. The popular actor cum comedian also penned in his letter that he has filed a land fraud case against Singamuthu, and the hearing is in process.

Vadivelu also said, the video was circulating between many celebrities and shared by many via the SIAA WhatsApp group, which broke my heart into pieces, even more, leading to this case handling situation. So I humbly plea to do the authorities to take actions against Manobala and Singamuthu on the above video attached petition, Vadivelu said.

Amidst Vadivelu’s complaint, Manobala immediately apologized to the Vaigai Puyal for the act via his YouTube channel, and he requested Vadivelu not to break his friendship, which has been on bond for above 30 years.