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Telangana CM KCR Agrees the TN's Request of Godavari Water

Telangana CM Agrees Godavari Water Request of Tamil Nadu

Telangana Agrees to TN Demand for Godavari Water: Telangana chief minister says let India learn state cooperation from us while agreeing in principle to Tamil Nadu's request of Godavari water. Tamil Nadu delegation comprising ministers SP Velumani and D Jayakumar along with other officials met KCR or K. Chandrashekar Rao yesterday, March 5.

The meeting is as per CM's announcement on March 4 regarding the meeting of the three chief ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in Chennai soon.

According to the Chief Minister of Telangana office, on principle, the Tamil Nadu delegation team's request of linking Godavari and Cauvery is accepted in principle. Rao is also said to have spoken to his counterpart Jagan Mohan Reddy CM of Andhra Pradesh, over the phone regarding the request. It also said that as soon as the officers of the two states take a final call on the issue, it would be learning for the whole of India on how states should cooperate.

Out of 70,000 TMC water available in India, the irrigation for the whole country needs only 40,000 TMC.  And out of the remaining 30,000, only 10,000 will take care of the drinking water needs of the entire country.

As said by CM Edapadi Palanisamy, if the three chief ministers meet in connection with the inter-state rivers of Godavari and Cauvery, it could solve not only the drinking water issues but also help a lot of farmers in all the three states.

Telangana CM KCR Agrees the TN's Request of Godavari Water