Tamil Nadu TASMAC Sales Drops Due to District Relaxation.

Person Shows his Aadhar card to get Liquors in Tamil Nadu Wine Shop

CoronaVirus lockdown literally dropped the economy all over the world within a fraction of months. However, despite before the end of curfew, Tamilnadu government has ordered to open the TASMAC shops in the beginning of this month (May 7).

With the massive opening day sales counting almost 172.59 crores resulting in increasing the timing of alcohol sales to two. This means that the Tamil Nadu TASMAC Shop will only be open from 10 am to 5 pm on a court order, from Monday (May 18) to 7 pm. As 500 tokens were issued to a shop, additional tokens were issued after doubling the time.

With the permission of the Supreme Court, the TASMAC reopened in Tamil Nadu last Saturday (May 16). Excluding Chennai and Thiruvallur districts, the liquor stores in the rest of the state sold goods worth Rs 163 crore on the first day of reopening.

On Sunday, the second day, the cargo was sold for Rs 133 crore. But the result paid opposite in the coming days and TASMAC liquor sales grossed only 109 crores on Monday and 91.5 crores yesterday posing a gradual decline in sales curve.

Of this, liquor sales in the Madurai region alone exceeded Rs 45 crore. In the Madurai region, where liquor sales were number one, the sale of goods was worth Rs 28 crores on Monday and collected only 22.1 crores yesterday.

As of the present sales status, Trichy’s liquor sales overrules Madurai crossing 23.2 crores today along with Salem 20.6 crores, Coimbatore 19.4crores and Chennai 6.2 crores of total liquor sales.

Moreover, Shocking the government, inventory sales fell by almost 30 percent compared to the previous two days. Damage to sales of TASMAC wine shop has been reported as a result of a general lockdown and less monetary rotation.

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