Tamil Nadu school students
Officials to decide on the date of school reopening and about the arrangements for the X board exams to start from June 15.

Tamil Nadu Public Exam

Anytime today, May 26, the date of the school reopening in Tamil Nadu will be announced by the government. The chief minister is having discussions right now with the education minister, education secretary, and other officials to decide on the date of school reopening and about the arrangements for the X board exams to start from June 15.

India in top ten coronavirus affected countries

India is now in the top 10 countries to be affected by coronavirus among 188 others worldwide. It is because of a continuous spike in the infected rate in the last few days crossing now nearly 7,000 per day. China wants its citizens to come back from India and have now started flight booking to return at their costs. And Tamil Nadu continues to be in the second position with more than 17,000 cases as of yesterday. Every day there is continuous peaking of infected cases like never before.

Lockdown extension in other states

Two districts in Himachal Pradesh where there are only 203 infected cases as of date extend lockdown until June 30. Maharashtra chief minister Uddav Thackeray had hinted on Sunday, May 24, that lockdown may extend further from May 31. There was even strong opposition from the Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu chief ministers about resuming flight services from yesterday.

CM meets officials now to discuss the reopening of schools.

Higher education minister K. Anbalagan has categorically said a few days back that the colleges will be opened only after the coronavirus infection is reduced. But the education minister announced of conducting the ten board exams from June 1.

After concerns from various quarters, the exam dates are now postponed to June 15 to June 25. Even the CBSE exams are to be conducted only from July 1 to 15 in 15,000 centers in place of the regular 3,000 centers. Only after the results of the CBSE is announced, the plus one admissions may commence appropriately in the state schools.

Students worst affected by the coronavirus.

For nearly 60 days now, the students are in a dilemma of when to write the exams. And writing exams is not a joke, and that too for average students writing the all-important ten exams is crucial for life. If they fail, their life path will be changed once and for all.

But they have been continuously under the stress of when and how they will write exams in this corona crisis. Also, being young and coming to the exam halls will not follow social distancing, and if even one in a school is having an asymptomatic infection, it could spread it like wildfire to others.

Government arrangements for ten exams

With increased exam halls, there will be a shortage of invigilators to supervise the exams. Students may follow social distancing while writing the exams. But for them to follow it outside the exam hall is a tough task. Also, many are stuck in different states, districts, and other places. Now the government is discussing allowing them to travel without e pass by showing only their school IDs. Even for teachers, it may follow suit.

Chennai is having 75 % or nearly 12,000 infection cases in Tamil Nadu. Many exam centers will be only in and around Chennai. With more than 1,100 containment zones, how will the students come and write the exam in Chennai is a big question now.

But all will depend on the CM meeting today. And students, along with their parents, are eagerly waiting to know about exams and school reopening dates now.