Tamil Nadu Next Lockdown could face the Corona second wave soon

People Travelling to other Districts by Bike in Corona lockdown

People Travelling to other Districts by Bike in Corona lockdown

The fourth phase of lockdown has already begun to fly its end flag all over the State and the officials are in busy discussion as the curfew ends on May 31. Since many people from Chennai started travelling on bikes to their hometown and cities where their friends live in the village with or without coronavirus infection. This could possibly start Second Wave to other districts in Mid June; to be frank, not all the check post officers inspected bike riders.

With the Corona pandemic in nook and corner of the world, the lockdown has become a ‘New Normal’ for the public to live under criterias. Starting from the mid of March, CoVid curfew has covered nearly 3 months of house arrest in India as ordered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Currently, Tamilnadu C.M. Edappadi Palanisamy, Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar and Health Secretary Beela Rajesh along with a panel of 19 Senior Doctors and Chennai Corporation Collector are highly indulged in a meeting to clarify the protocols to be followed after the end of 4th lockdown on May 31, 2020.

The agenda mainly calls the Medico panel to discuss the Aftermath Treatment Protocols and how to control the death toll inside the State after the lockdown relaxation. However, still there is a big question mark about the next lockdown, whether will it continue or not?

On the other hand, Vegetable vendors of Erode Market initiated a protest in the Bus Stand, where the current market runs amidst lockdown. The sellers request the government not to change the marketplace to V.O.C. Park due to the bus stand alteration.

Instead they plea to relocate the shops in Netaji Vegetable Market as usual. The protests mainly agitated due to the urgent renovation of Erode bus stand today. This immediate replacement of marketplace makes people to hope for the end of lockdown, mainly economical curfew.

In the discussion of soon ending curfew with Rtd. Health Secretary Kulandhaisamy, he says that the lockdown should be relaxed after May 31 as the problem beyond lockdown is economic depression. Yes, prior to CoVid, meeting daily ends is the first-come problem above any other.

The experienced Health official Kulaindhaisamy clearly advises to relax the curfew along with important lockdown procedures to be followed. He states that lockdown can be extended for an year to aged people, defective Children and diseased.

The New Normal will make Children to go schools and public to routine life with some social distancing norms. Overall, the increasing count leaves zero footprints for the end of lockdown. But, considering the facts and normalcy like the case of the U.S., India might undoubtedly get back to regular life after May 31.

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