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Tamil Nadu has Just Witnessed the First Coronavirus Death

First Death occurred in Tamil Nadu due to Coronavirus

The most feared happened in Tamil Nadu yesterday, March 24 night. A 54-year-old man becomes the first victim for coronavirus after dying in Rajaji hospital in Madurai. Health minister Dr.Vijaya Baskar confirms his death and also about his medical history.  With Tamil Nadu's first victim to coronavirus, the death toll in India rises to 11 among the 500 + infected cases.

Meanwhile, the prime minister has invoked section 144 across India for the next 21 days. Strict vigilance is to be kept to spread the virus.  Except for essential needs like food, water, medicines, and others, no one is allowed to come outside of their house. This nationwide lockdown for 21 days is to control the already spread coronavirus.

The dead man in the Madurai Rajaji government hospital is a building contractor. The exact source of his infection is not known, which falls under community transmission a prelude to stage 3.  It is the most dangerous stage that is killing thousands in Italy now. With no known source of infection, it could spread like fire and cause numerous deaths in the next coming days.

But eight Thailand nationals who were touring many places in Madurai seemed to be in contact with the dead man. He arranged for their visits to many mosques in and around Madurai. Now all these eight are quarantined.  And all those who were in contact with them are now identified for isolation. The dead man had gone to a function last week where more than 60 people have attended.  Now 30 of them are identified and kept in isolation along with the family members of the dead man.

Last week a doctor had checked the contractor in a  private hospital for fever without knowing it is coronavirus infection. Only on the infected person getting serious symptoms of Covid 19 disease, he has gone to Rajaji government hospital. The same private hospital doctor who was on duty there was shocked when the samples for the person tested positive for covid19 and self quarantined himself now.

Now with the first reported death in Tamil Nadu, it is an alarm bell ringing loud and clear for everyone to stay home.

Tamil Nadu has Just Witnessed the First Coronavirus Death