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How Tamil Nadu Government Could Rescue the Tamilians in Other Countries?

How Tamil Nadu Government Could Save Tamilans in Other Countries

Over thousands, Indian students, including hundreds of Tamil students, are now stranded in the Philippines and Malaysian airports without knowing where nowhere to go now. With India banning entry flights from the Philippines from March 17 and the Philippines given a deadline until 48 hours now for a lockdown, the students are sending pathetic videos to want to come back to India.

Videos of young students, including women students for want to be with their parents in India during this dangerous coronavirus situation, is heartbreaking. These young kids have gone to study medicine in the Philippines and now without knowing where to go next.

G.Kishen Reddy, the minister of state for home affairs, had earlier said that the Indian government would decide on bringing back these stranded students in the Philippines. He has also asked the parents of the students not to worry as the Indian government has instructed the Indian embassy in the Philippines to take care of the students' safety.  But there is no news yet until now March 21 on what is the fate of these thousand students.

Experts feel that the Tamil Nadu government and the chief minister should assure the students and their parents with an update of the measures taken for their safety and coming back to India. Though the Indian embassy in the Philippines is responsible for the protection of the students in the locked-down Philippines, it is the responsibility of the state and central governments to take all necessary steps to immediately make a decision on their safety and return them to their parents.

How Tamil Nadu Government Could Rescue the Tamilians in Other Countries?