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Tamil Nadu CoVid latest Update: 5325 people tested positive with 63 deaths.

Health Minister inaugurated ambulance services at Aadhanakottai

Health Minister inaugurated ambulance services at Aadhanakottai

CoronaVirus is the word that rules all over the world for almost an year and the pandemic continues to hit hard at a consistent phase.

According to the latest report issued by the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Health and Family Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu, 5325 people tested positive for the contagion on Wednesday alone hiking the total number of cases to 5,57,999 till date in Tamil Nadu.

The fresh new cases marked high in Chennai as usual, with 980 number of positive cases followed by Coimbatore(587), Salem(298) and Chengalpattu(297) securing the rest top places.

The spelling on the mortality rate, 63 persons died on Wednesday, increasing the total CoVid death rate to 9010 inside the State till date.

Apart from 5319 positive cases inside the State, six passengers from other countries and states traveling to Tamil Nadu also add up in Wednesday’s CoVid list adding up the total number to 5325
With 177 (66 Government + 111 private labs) functioning testing facilities in Tamil Nadu,5363 positive patients discharged as of yesterday’s report which covers the overall discharge till date as 5,02,740.

Amidst the cases, relaxations are high in this lockdown to retain the normalcy and recover the public’s economic shutdowns since December.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical industries around the world are striving extremely hard and human trials are in process to test the capability of CoVid vaccines produced recently.

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