Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palanisami
Troubling part is out of 2,174 only 1,276 cases were reported in Chennai, and the remaining is from other districts.

Shocking 2,174 coronavirus cases highest in Tamil Nadu today: Tamil Nadu coronavirus infection details released now by health ministry is shocking to everyone. The 2,174 new cases, which are so far the highest reported today, June 17. Even when there was a high number of cases in India on June 13, it did not cross 2,000, but today it is more than that now.

And the troubling part is out of 2,174 only 1,276 cases were reported in Chennai, and the remaining is from other districts. Usually, most of the infected cases in Tamil Nadu will be only from Chennai but now 898 are from other districts.

Many other districts have shown an alarming number of cases today. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection by Chennai people going to other districts in recent days.

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Tamil Nadu rising coronavirus infection

Tamil Nadu has crossed the crucial level of 50,000 infected cases today with a total tally to 50,193 cases. Chennai has passed the 35,000 with an overall 35,556 infection cases, which is nearly 70 % of total cases in Tamil Nadu. Its neighboring states which are also to go into lockdown from June 19 has the maximum number of infection cases today including

  • Chengalpattu with additional 162 today to take the tally to 3,271
  • Tiruvallur with 90 to 2,037
  • Kancheepuram with 61 to 864

Other districts with the rise in coronavirus infections today

For the above four districts, the lockdown for the next 12 days may control the infection, but many other districts also have contributed heavily in today’s tally of infections. They include

  • Ranipet 70 cases today to take the total tally 381
  • Ramanathapuram 51 to 194
  • Cuddalore 77 to 645
  • Toothukudi 50 to 487
  • Tiruvannamalai 49 to 816

It is an alarming situation as the infection in Tamil Nadu was significantly more focused on four districts. But with these five districts and Madurai to add 27 more to take its tally to 493 is a grave concern.

With another 48 deaths in Tamil Nadu today, the death toll is also increasing rapidly to 576 as of now. Hence it is time now for not only Chennai people to follow all safety procedures prescribed by the government to save their lives. But to also to people of other districts to protect their livelihood with not going into lockdown again like Chennai.