Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Starts from March 2 and What Teachers Explains

Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Starts from March 2 and Ends on March 24

Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Starts from March 2 and Ends on March 24

Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Starts from March 2 and Ends on March 24: 12th exams start from tomorrow, March 2, 2020, across Tamil Nadu, and ends on March 24, 2020. This year's table gives enough time on an average of three days in between two exams for the students to revise well for the exams. Last year being the first year of the new syllabus, the percentage of high marks came down drastically. But this year both the teachers and the students must be well prepared for the exams.

12th exam results determine most of the students' professional life. The course they are going to study in the next college level will take them to the career path they choose for the rest of their life. The tenth standard board exams make the students go for the stream of studies like pure science for medical and related studies, or science with mathematics for medical, engineering, and associated studies, accounts, and commerce will be for pursuing accounts studies.

Likewise, the plus two exams will determine whether the student is going to pursue a doctor or engineer or CA studies and more.  Only based upon their studies in the college level, they can choose their career. Hence plus two exams and its marks without a doubt play an essential role in all students' life.

Since the exams are to start from tomorrow, the first thing any student is to do is not to panic or get anxious. Though the exams, as mentioned above, are crucial, most of them would have known its importance already. Hence now the concentration is to how well to write the plus two exams to come out with flying colors.

The most crucial point the students should remember is, the examiners who correct answer papers, will have only a minimum time to give marks for your questions. Hence it is necessary to write the key points, diagrams, figures, subheadings, starting and ending with vital facts, among others in the answer papers. The other tips from some reputed teachers to help the student to get good marks in the exams include

  • Start early to be well before the time for the exams to relax and write them without any tension
  • Focus on the question paper and nothing else and write the answers in a precise and concise way
  • Do not write elaborate answers required for ten marks in 5 marks question and waste time
  • If already planned to write which section first and which last follow it or write what all is known well in the question paper steadily and reserve the tough ones for the last
  • Reread the questions of the tough ones and think twice before answering the questions

Between one exam and the other, there is enough time this year. Hence the following tips will enable students to prepare well for the consecutive exams

  • Once students come out of the exams, they have to stop thinking or checking the finished exam paper.  If coming to know of writing, the exam well, will give them the false confidence to not prepare well for the next exam, and if not done well, it is worse and will dampen the spirits and energy to prepare for the next exam. 
  • It is essential to have some good food and take enough rest to start studying for the next exam
  • Irrespective of the previous exam performance, it is essential to start again to study fresh for the next exam
  • Start revising one by one all the chapters by noting down the crucial points for the last day study
  • It is also better to check for the previous year's question paper pattern and answer all the questions once again or revise it again.

Though plus two exams are an essential milestone in each student's life, it is not the only way for life. There are always thousands of ways to excel in this world.  For those who did not do well in the exams, it is not the end of the road.  They can choose any studies as per their passion for the college and pursue it with determination to become a great person excelling in whatever field they want.

Tamil Nadu 12th Exam Starts from March 2 and What Teachers Explains