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CoVid-19 in Tamil Nadu: DMK Chief M.K. Stalin Distributed Essentials at his Kolathur Constituency

DMK Chief Distributes Essentials

DMK president and opposition leader M K Stalin today April 3 distributed masks, sanitizers, and other essentials to people in his Kolathur constituency in Chennai. He was also the former mayor of Chennai and knew the difficulties of the corporation cleaning staff of doing their duty during these testing times of Coronavirus fear. Chennai is the most significant contributor to infected cases of 309 in Tamil Nadu, and it is its biggest city with nearly 71 lakhs population.

In a DMK party statement today, there were details of M K Stalin's help to people who are helping in containing the coronavirus crisis in his constituency in Chennai which includes

  • For the past seven days, the party has been providing lunch to 1000 sanitary workers
  • Stalin today distributed breakfast to the sanitary workers and gave the safety gears against coronavirus spread like masks, sanitizers, and others
  • Distributed essential commodities to the families of the sanitary workers
  • Gave Rs. 500 to auto drivers and another Rs. 500 worth products critical to their families
  • Distributed masks and sanitizers to the cops in the Peravalur police station
  • Gave the Amudham PDS shop workers masks, sanitizers, and others and also asked the people who came to get their supplies to follow social distancing
  • Went to the nearby vegetable market and inquired about the vegetable prices

Chennai is the most densely populated city in Tamil Nadu, and hence prone to high risks like New York in the US. And hence it becomes more pertinent to follow social distancing and other measures of the government not to face the worst situation NY is facing right now. Thousands are dying there every day and expected to reach one to two and a half lakh in the US in the next two weeks as per the White House projections yesterday.

CoVid-19 in Tamil Nadu: DMK Chief M.K. Stalin Distributed Essentials at his Kolathur Constituency