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Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital At Chennai Follows Special Diet For CoVid-19 Patients

What are the diets followed for the Coronavirus Patients in Chennai

Diet for Coronavirus Infected patients in Tamil Nadu:

With India going to stage 3 of the coronavirus attack, now everyone wants to know is about the diet for its infected persons. Delhi chief minister Kejriwal today, March 28, confirmed it and is in full swing to upgrade many Delhi hospitals with additional 1000 beds to accommodate any rapid increase in the Coronavirus infected cases in Delhi. But what is the food given to the infected persons during their treatment in hospitals will be vital to know. It will help even normal citizens to intake such healthy foods to prevent Coronavirus.

As per the information from the sources in the Chennai Rajiv Gandhi Hospital kitchen, some details on the food given to the infected persons include.

  • Early morning hot water mixed with ginger and lemon without peeling the skin boiled and filtered in it is given to the infected patients.
  • Morning breakfast is idly, Chappati, Samba wheat dishes along with two eggs and milk depending upon the patients.
  • For patients who do not take idly or Samba, wheat is provided with bread and chappati.
  • Around 11 AM again, the ginger-lemon boiled water is given and also cucumber salad along with Mozambique juice.
  • For lunch, fruits, vegetables, greens, eggs, and roasted gram are the major ingredients given to the patients. 
  • Every day the lunch differs with greens, vegetables, and other rice food along with two servings of vegetable salads.
  • In the evening, boiled water with pepper and turmeric is given to the patients to boost their immunity.
  • Also, during evening times, dhal rasam along with cereals are given.
  • For dinner, Rava kichadi, Chappathy, vegetable kurma, and onion raitha are given to the patients.
  • Before bedtime again, the turmeric and pepper water is again given to the patients.

In Rajiv Gandhi hospital, along with the patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff also take the same healthy and immunity-boosting food to be safe from the coronavirus infection.

Though the above food items seem to be attractive for anyone to even go to the hospitals, it is a hard thing to be quarantined and live in fear of death. With 150 additional infected cases in the last 24 hours now, the Coronavirus is steadily increasing to stage 3.  It is time to be highly cautious and keep the children and elderly safe to not let them undergo such dangerous quarantine difficulties.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital At Chennai Follows Special Diet For CoVid-19 Patients