TN Minister K. A. Sengottaiyan Warns Schools Compelling Parents to Pay Fees

Minister Sengottaiyan Tightens School Fee Issue of Tamil Nadu

School Fees Issue in Tamil Nadu-Minister Sengottaiyan tightens schools.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Education Minister K.A.Sengottaiyan calls schools in Chennai and Coimbatore to not compel parents for paying school fees.

Notably, the government directed all the schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu to not compel students and parents to pay fees or dues for the forthcoming year in the economic disparities amidst CoronaVirus lockdown.

Disobeying the government protocols regarding school fees, three schools in Chennai, and one school in Coimbatore has compelled parents to pay the dues and uniform fees for the upcoming year 2021 by sending text messages and voice messages. Minister K.A.Sengottaiyan ordered to take action on the respective schools, which is compelling the parents on fees issues.

The parents took the fees issue to the authorities of the Education Department of Tamil Nadu to pay uniforms, books, and teaching payments immediately with proofs. Allegedly the school administration immediately warned parents who reported the issue to the government.

Hearing about the strict actions by the private schools, Education Minister K.A.Sengottaiyan ordered the ministry to take severe actions on the related schools of Coimbatore and Chennai.

CoronaVirus lockdown has ruined all the routine works of people all over the world due to the pandemic. Concerning the curfew, India has leveled economically, locking every bit of money in all the States.

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