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Sabarimala looks Less crowded with devotees because of Coronavirus Outbreak

Sabarimala become less crowded

The Devasthanam Board has announced that devotees should not come to participate in the rituals at Sabarimala to prevent the spread of Covid 2019.

The Travancore Devasthanam Board has announced that pilgrims are not allowed in the monthly rituals of Sabarimala from today 14th to the 18th of this month due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus in places where people gather.

Generally, thousands of devotees gather for the monthly rituals of Sabarimala from various states of India, paying their respect to Lord Ayyapan. Now the Coronavirus outbreak begun this January is still revolving in nearly 25 countries around the world.

At present, Coronavirus is confirmed in India. Forty-six people across India have been diagnosed with confirmed Covid 2019. Meanwhile, Sabarimala devotees usually undergo a long fasting process to visit Lord Ayyapan in Kerala. This time is all engaged with Corona fever, and due to the strict orders of Kerala Government regarding Covid precautions, Sabarimala devotees who engaged planned the pilgrimage are in a self-bound condition of completing the Ayyapan Darshan in their local Ayyapan temples.

Devotees from Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, and Chennai delivered their Irumudi and Ghee Coconut Prasad in the famous Raja Annamalaipuram popularly known as Vada Sabari. The Bhaktas climbed the 18 steps of the temple and completed their Darshan in the Devasthanam, located in Chennai.

Similarly, devotees from Thoothukudi visited and fulfilled their Ayyapan fasting in Kovilpatti Sabari Sannidhanam. All depends on mind and soul; however, Sabarimala year count does not include such visits, the devotees are getting back to their normal life from the Ayyappan fasting with the above fulfillment in nearby locations.

Coronavirus is fast spreading in Kerala. So far, 15 people have been confirmed affected by the coronation, the chief minister said. Earlier, it was reported that all schools and cinemas in Kerala would not operate until March 31st.

Sabarimala looks Less crowded with devotees because of Coronavirus Outbreak