Revocation of the English name of the towns in Tamil Nadu

Minister Ma Foi Pandiarajan

Minister Ma Foi Pandiarajan

Revocation of the English name of the towns in Tamil Nadu – Minister of Tamil Development Pandiarajan: Minister of official Tamil language and Tamil Development Pandiarajan today revoked the English translation via tweet and press meet as “We are working on alignment of views by experts on Transliteration standards from Tamil to English.

Hopefully, we should get this released in 2/3 days. The G.O. on the change of English names for Tamil names for places has been withdrawn. Will absorb all feedback and reissue shortly”.

A few days back, the State government announced the change in their spelling of 1018 places to reflect Tamil pronunciation. This withdrawal has been made after the forceful condemnation against the G.O. on changing names by the people and many professionals due to the inconvenience in the spelling. For example, Vellore has been changed to Vellore and Coimbatore to Koyampuththur.

However, the new G.O. will be released within three days after the consignment approval from the Chief Minister on the transliteration of names by the model tool Olingoa created by Vairamuthu’s son Lyricist Madhan Karky.

The minister claimed that getting back is not an option but revising things will give wiser reviews from all the people. Only 10 percent of people who are well versed in English accents are the opposers and criticizers for the new G.O. anglicized names.

This sudden get-back of order or revocation is mainly done due to the public’s flaunting reviews claiming zero clarity in new spellings.

Minister Pandiarajan in JJ nagar ward
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