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Rajinikanth to Play Any Role to Maintain Peace in the Country

Rajinikanth to Play any role to maintain peace in the country

Anything can be sacrificed for "Love and Unity" - Rajinikanth on CAA amendment and protests n Delhi:

Communal violence has been sparked for three weeks in Delhi, leaving 42 dead and over 200 injured. Rajinikanth said it is the height of atrocity and can play any role in maintaining peace in the country. The actor has passed on this comment after a few leaders from Muslim outfit called in him at his residence.'

Tamil Nadu Jama'athul Uama Sabha' Muslim leaders met Rajinikanth at his residence in Poes Garden, and soon after, the actor tweeted. Last week Rajinikanth lashed out at the center, stating, "This communal violence should be handled with an iron fist. He attacked the leaders of BJP blatantly to resign and go if not able to subside the violence.

The legendary actor voiced out his opinions and assured he would start his own party and enter politics very soon. His meeting with the Muslim leaders' contours on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR).

He was able to interpret from the communication on the difficulties the Muslims go through because of this CAA amendment. He voiced out that he would do everything in his power to alleviate the fear of the people and support to return peace across India.

The central government would not withdraw the CAA as it has been passed by the parliament and approved by the supreme court. HE said, "Intelligence is a question, and home ministry failed to act. Protests are the rights of the public, but it should happen non violently lest to mitigate the same iron fist that should be used.

Aam Aami Party is equally responsible for aggravating the issue by not enforcing the right things con-temporarily. Makkal Needhi Mayyam (MNM) leader and actor Kamal Haasan tweeted and supported Rajinikanth and said as he usually says in the film, "His path is a separate path," which garnered many responses.

Rajinikanth to Play Any Role to Maintain Peace in the Country