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Rajini Says, He has No Interest in CM Post

Rajini Has no Intention to become a CM

Rajnikanth, on March 12, concluded his surprise press meet without answering any questions from the media. Rajni said he wanted to only play a small part in bringing a revolution in Tamil Nadu politics, and he was never interested in becoming chief minister ever. Also, he did not announce any particular date of forming the party. To support his views, he showed the video of his speech on December 31, 2017, wherein he says that he is not interested in power, money, or pride. 

Rajni spoke at length during today's press meet at Leela Palace in Chennai, which includes

  • There were many rumors created after me saying that I was not happy on one aspect during my recent meeting with the office bearers of Rajni Makkal Manram. To put an end to the above-said rumors, this press meet is organized and also to talk about my entry into politics.
  • Only to identify the pulse of the people to my ideas of politics, this meeting is arranged.
  • Many people say that I am only saying that I will come to politics for the past 25 years, but it was only in December 2017, I said that I would come to politics.
  • During 1996, I was wrongly mistaken for entering into politics due to my relations with Kalaignar, Moopanar, Chidambaram, Cho, and others.
  • But only announced of entering politics in 2017 and even then said I, only after changing the political system, it is possible.
  • If not, then it will be like cooking sweet Pongal in the unwashed utensil, which was used for cooking fish curry.
  • By watching the two principal parties DMK and AIADMK, many posts will be formed during the election but will continue even after it cause corruption.
  • Many use these posts created during the election to make money, and such positions are not required for me.
  • I want to bring in only good leaders like Anna, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu
  • If I start a party, there will need to face two big wigs in Tamil Nadu politics, namely the DMK and AIADMK.
  • DMK wants desperately to come back to power with all its party cadre and money power.
  • AIADMK is sitting on hot cash with the government in their hand and will do anything to retain the power.
  • Between these two, if my principles are said after starting the party and announcing it in a big meeting, it may bring disappointment to lakhs of people.
  • A lot of people will spend their hard-earned money to organize such a meeting and after that, if they hear my principles, then they may not be interested in it.
  • I only want a bring in a revolution that was brought by Gandhi, Vivekanandar, and others for the Tamil people.

Rajni again has postponed his announcement of the party name or the future date for it.

Rajini Says, He has No Interest in CM Post