Puducherry Government Fires the Sanitary Workers who Mishandled a Covid-19 Dead Body
Puducherry Sanitary Workers Disrespected Covid-19 Dead Body
Tamil Nadu

Puducherry Government Fires the Sanitary Workers who Mishandled a Covid-19 Dead Body

The mishandling of the human body while burying by the Puducherry sanitary workers triggered several social welfare associations against the disrespectful act of throwing the body into the pit. Ending the issue, the Puducherry government today fired the sanitary health workers from the job.

A 44-year-old man was admitted to the Puducherry government hospital on Wednesday due to sudden chest pain. When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctor who examined him pronounced him dead. But the examination of his blood sample confirmed that he had a CoronaVirus infection.

The man who died belongs to Chennai and reached Pondicherry to meet his wife. Due to the sudden death, Puducherry Health officials sent the sanitary workers of that locality to burry the man in the Union territory instead of sending it to Chennai because of the disease transmission factors. Then the incident of disrespecting the dead body staged by the sanitary workers of the UT.

The video made rounds on the internet as the sanitary workers wearing protective kit deliberately threw the body into the 20 feet burial pit. The health officials coined the incident as accidental.

However, the careless behavior of the workers came into the vision of every people around Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, which raised hectic questions like “Is he a dog or human?”.

Acting on the hot news of the Pondicherry government, Health officials fired the three sanitary workers today. However, as per Health Dept norms, Revenue Dept officials were burying the body. The dead body slipped from the hands of the employee and rolled into the pit, says Puducherry Health Director on reports of the body of CoVid-19 positive man thrown into the burial pit by officials.

District Collector Arun also claimed that the incident of deceased CoVid patient is under investigation to prevent such mishandlings in the final homage of forthcoming CoronaVirus burials.

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