Psycho Killer in Salem
Salem psycho arrested for killing four: A tenth standard school topper within five years becomes a psycho who kills people for ganja.
Salem psycho arrested for killing four: A tenth standard school topper within five years becomes a  psycho who kills people for ganja. It is a one-line story that directors like Mysskin can take for their next movie. But it is the truth of the psycho Andisamy who hails from Dindigul district and now arrested by the Salem police on February 21 for killing four people with stones to buy ganja.
Andisamy lived in Sitheriyur village in Dindigul district. He lived with his mother alone as his father got married to another woman.  But that did not stop this young kid from scoring 428 marks in the X board exams.  Without any financial support, he was unable to continue his studies. He was doing some odd jobs near his village before he got addicted to ganja. Since he was disturbing his mother for money, they quarreled often, he left his native place and went to Velankanni in Nagapattinam.
For reasons not clear, but the police allege to want of money, he killed his first victim a beggar in Velankanni during December 2019. On fearing arrest, he has come down to Salem and started his killing spree of old beggars in and around the Salem bus stand during the first week of February. CCTV footage showed a young man in his twenty’s doing the gruesome act of throwing stones on the heads of sleeping aged homeless men to kill them.
Due to the panic created among the public about the psycho killer, the Salem city police commissioner formed 16 teams to catch him. S. Senthil, the DC of Salem police crime and traffic, supervised and coordinated the 16 teams for nearly twenty days now. One of the 16 teams caught the accused Andisamy on February 18. On investigation, he has confessed of killing all the three in Salem.  But due to several inconsistencies in his confession, the police team sent the CCTV footage to confirm that it was Andisamy. The reports came on February 21, confirming it was indeed Andisamy, and now they have arrested him and sent to judicial custody.