India China War 2020
At the young age of 18, Palani joined the army, as it was his passion from a child to serve the nation.

Prasanna may become a colonel one day as his father Palani wished, but he will not be there to see it. In the intervening night of June 15th and 16th, Havildar Palani died fighting with the Chinese soldiers in Ladakh.

Reports now come in, that nearly 20 brave Indian soldiers have been killed in a violent face-off in Ladakh on the LOC after more than fifty years. The Tamil Nadu chief minister has announced Rs. 20 lakhs for Palani’s family and cremation of courageous Palani with state honors.

Violent face-off at Ladakh between Indian and Chinese soldiers

On June 15th night, Havildar Palani to safeguard the colonel Santhosh Babu who engaged in a hand fight with the Chinee soldiers, was killed along with Sepoy Ojha. The colonel also succumbed to injuries.

And 17 others were grievously injured being hit by the Chinese soldiers with batons and stones. With the gruesome combat happening in the eastern Ladakh, which is at sub-zero temperatures in high altitude, now even these 17 brave soldiers have succumbed to the injuries.

Indian soldiers killed after 50 years by the Chinese army

After the battle fought between India and China in 1962 and after the deaths during 1975 between the two sides, it is only now that 20 brave Indian soldiers have died. From May 5, tensions were reported from the LOC of hand fights and stone-throwing incidents between the two countries.

There were also reports of China acquiring Indian territories. Though the Indian government was denying such reports, there were peace talks between the two countries recently. Now this gruesome incident has happened to kill our 20 brave soldiers guarding our border in freezing conditions on the LOC.

Palani a born soldier died as a soldier

K. Palani is the first son of a farmer in Kadukkaliyur in Ramanathapuram district. At the young age of 18, Palani joined the army, as it was his passion from a child to serve the nation. He also wanted his son Prasanna only ten years old now to become an army man with a higher position than him.

Indian Army Soldier Palani’s Family

Palani’s only brother is also in the army, working as army staff in Rajasthan. Palani after tirelessly guarding the nation for 22 years, is no more. His aged parents, wife with two young kids, are now awaiting his body to come from Ladakh with nothing left to say to the media.