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Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: TN Police Ensuring the Lockdown with Coronavirus Exam for Violators

Tamil Nadu Police Ensuring the Lockdown

Tamil Nadu Police ensuring the CoVid-19 lockdown with exams?

Locking down ourselves inside our secure places is a much-needed remedy or medicine in the pandemic situation of contagious CoVid. Despite China, Italy, and Spain's heavy mortality rate due to the CoronaVirus outbreak, India is undergoing its largest step against the deadly virus roaming around the world.

To curtain the pandemic, the Indian Government announced 21 days curfew all over the nation and successfully completing two days of Janata 144. However, Tamilnadu people have also effectively handled the Janata Curfew for the past two days. But now people are releasing their leg cuffs and slowly trying to step out in groups despite ignoring the Police officials' non-violent punishments.

As of now, at the end of 2nd day, Policemen arrested and filed cases against 1250 people in several cities of Tamilnadu for neglecting the Government's effort and breaking the CoVid lockdown.

Also, the security lords of Tirunelveli punished the 144 CrPC lawbreakers by conducting a CoronaVirus awareness examination on the roads. I know what runs in your mind. Let me explain what the exam is all about! The policemen strongly decked up a question & answer sheet containing several quests regarding the CoVid-19 like where it is from, where and how many lives died till, what are the symptoms of the contagion, and what the Government has ordered people to do so?

Likewise, In the Sivagangai district, Policemen made the CoVid violators carry awareness banners. Meanwhile, In Vellore and Namakkal district, police officials ordered people who are out to raise a pledge stating not to neglect the CoronaVirus seriousness.

Though Tamilnadu Chief Minister Edappadi K.Palaniswami and Health Minister Vijayabaskar constantly advised people to maintain social distancing in order to overcome the CoronaVirus epidemic. But the people are in no mood to hear whatever the loss is and started to roam in large numbers right after the end of second-day lockdown.

Just a while, Prime Minister Modi has also ordered the State Governments to make sure that people are following the Janata Curfew and also insisted on providing the living essentials without any shortage during the 144 CrPC imposed time around the nation.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: TN Police Ensuring the Lockdown with Coronavirus Exam for Violators