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North Indian Migrant workers stir on roads of Coimbatore in groups Amidst CoVid-19 Fear

North Indian Migrant Workers Protest in Covai

CoronaVirus lockdown in India is on the 3rd day of Janata curfew, and people are violating in several parts of the country due to their inconvenience of reaching homes or meeting the daily ends.

Likewise, several industrial workers from North India have agitated a stir on the roads of Sundarapuram in the Coimbatore district. They say the main reason is the unavailability of food, money, or medical necessities inside the city due to unemployment and submitted a plea to the government statement to aid the workers in this irresistible pandemic situation.

However, local police requested the workers not to form groups due to the spreading CoVid, but the North Indians raised voices claiming if not this, then they would die of hunger.

After a long discussion, the policemen charged to split the groups,' but the workers were not in a state to lend their ears because poverty hits them first more than novel CoronaVirus.

On the other hand, the Uttar Pradesh government has provided transport facilities to the migrant workers employing in the Delhi region. However, groups of folks landed in the bus station today as a sign of an increase in CoVid since the deadly contagion is a silent human killer. The national shutdown collapsed in Northern India on its initial days itself, and in Southern India like Coimbatore North Indians are finding ways to go home or to meet the daily survival needs.

North Indian Migrant workers stir on roads of Coimbatore in groups Amidst CoVid-19 Fear