IS the MHA Bringing Back the Nationwide Lockdown Again from June 15?

No MHA is Not Bringing Back the Lockdown in India

No MHA is Not Bringing Back the Lockdown in India

No, the Ministry of Home Affairs has no idea of bringing back the nationwide lockdown again from June 15. Recently, an image shared widely, in social media, stated that the MHA is planning to bring back the complete lockdown from June 15 while the nation is in Unlock Phase-1 since June 8.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has denied the information shared through the WhatsApp image. MHA stated that it as a false claim, though the image looked like a screenshot of a news channel. According to the MHA, the image is a fake one morphed to look like the original image from a reputed news channel.

The official Lockdown in India ended back on May 31 except the zone that has more spread of the Coronavirus infection. Since then, the government had announced of Unlocking process that’ll be done in three phases. As the first phase unlock began on June 8, most of the districts have opened places of worship and shops.

Sadly, reality seems to have backfired. Since the unlock phase 1, a steady rise in the infection rate is recorded every day in many states. The situation in such states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu is getting worse compared to the complete lockdown period.

In Tamil Nadu, a recent statistical prediction by the researchers has sent shockwaves across the state. According to the mathematical prediction, the state will see a sharp rise in the infection up to 2.5 lakhs by the end of this July. And, the same will peak again in October.

States like Telangana and Tamil Nadu have canceled the board exams of Class 10 and 11 and declared them all pass for the academic year 2019-2020.

Amidst the steep rise in the infection rate in many states, the Unlock 2.0 and 3.0 is approaching. As already announced, the government will decide on opening schools, colleges, and other educations institutions in the month of July following the feedback from the parents and experts.

On the other side, there is no chance the people would make to unlock 3.0. Unlock 3.0 was marked to open the rest of industries like gyms, theaters, public parks, and more if the country sinks again into the abyss because of the Coronavirus spreading spree.

By utilizing the recent spreading spree, someone took the chance of deceiving the people through misinformation. Bringing the nationwide lockdown again by the MHA is one such example of misinformation. PIB has completely denied the news of bringing the lockdown back and requested the people not to believe fake news.

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