Madurai Rajaji Hospital Conducts Plasma Treatment For COVID-19 Patients
Plasma Treament for Covid-19 Patients
Tamil Nadu

Madurai Rajaji Hospital Conducts Plasma Treatment For COVID-19 Patients

No vaccine has yet been discovered for the novel CoronaVirus. World countries are trying to find a cure for it. However, pharmacists have been recommending hydroxychloroquine as the basis for testing.

Subsequently, the Indian Medical Research Council recommended a plasma treatment for coronavirus. Since then, various states have begun to use plasma therapy. Various people treated with plasma are also recovering.

In the meantime, plasma therapy is permitted to be conducted in Madurai Rajaji Hospital, Tirunelveli Hospital, and Vellore Christian Medical College of Tamil Nadu by the Indian Medical Research Council. Based on the plasma treatment, blood samples from the rectified CoVid affected persons and injected into the victim’s body.

The Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital administration said that the first plasma test for coronavirus in Madurai was successful. A 54-year-old male with severe coronary artery disease with plasma therapy has reportedly recovered within 12 hours. Following this, the Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital has decided to treat the victims using plasma.

GRH Dean Dr.Sangumani reported the clear facts of successful plasma treatment in Madurai as that six persons were contracted several CoVid acquired, and the first plasma donor was the sanitary worker who recovered from illness. The victim was injected with the recovered sanitary worker’s plasma to get through the disease and got successful. Meanwhile, the hospital also carried out another treatment of supplying 1 liter of Oxygen to the CoVid patient, and by grace, the man also cured of the novel pandemic virus.

However, there is no evidence that plasma therapy can be used for coronavirus. The Indian Medical Research Council is conducting the research. Therefore, the ICMR and the Federal Ministry of Health have advised that no one should use the recommended therapy until the plasma treatment is approved.

Although Rajaji Hospital marks zero CoVid now, the hospital management encourages the plasma donation of the people to help in future requirements.

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