Fake Dr thanikachalam Arrested News
The cybercrime police found that Thanikachalam was running the Rathna clinic for nearly 20 years without any license from the government.

After being taken into custody by the Central Criminal Investigation Department for four days, the Egmore court dismissed his bail plea on May 18. When the bail plea was filed before the District Judge of the Sessions Court of Chennai, Justice Selvakumar, it was reported that Thiruthanikasalam was arrested under the Thug Act. The judge subsequently dismissed the bail plea.

Why Thanikachalam arrested by CBCID police?

Thanikachalam of Chennai for internet notoriety took the corona crisis to his advantage and started uploading video after video in YouTube. Without any qualification from any type of medical institute who was continuously saying of finding the cure for corona is now serving his time in Puzhal prison. The CBCID police arrested him on May 6 under many sections of IPC and Epidemic Diseases Act.

Dr? Thanikachalam, on January 27, held a press conference to announce his groundbreaking invention of medicine to cure coronavirus infection. It was early when even many in India were not even aware of such a virus and its ill effects. Thanikachalam, who was doing some odd jobs until 2000, opened the Rathna Siddha clinic in Jai Nagar right opposite to Koyambedu’s main bus stand.

In the official website of this clinic, Dr. Thanikachalam has advertised of curing Autism and other diseases that even the scientific world is breaking its head to find a proper cure. This expert doctor was cheating thousands of people. And due to the shame of being fooled, they have not complained to the police so far.

Thanikachalam identified as fake Siddha doctor
Thanikachalam identified as fake Siddha Doctor

But when the coronavirus started its evil action from the Wuhan city in China and slowly spreading across the world. Thanikachalam, without any medical qualification of any sort whatsoever, found a golden opportunity in it. With some basic things like Nilavembu drink, and others he told the press on January 27 that he has the cure for coronavirus.

Thanikachalam did not stop there but went on to make publicity for his “excellent” doctoral and research skills to upload many videos in the social media continuously. At one point, he started challenging the government of not using masks, gloves, sanitizers, and treating COVID 19 patients.

He even went on record to say of infecting him with coronavirus and will be not affected by it. He further said that it is only because of his medicine that people are not following social distancing and freely moving around in Chennai. The other startling revelation by Thanikachalam is that China was able to defeat coronvirus only by his medicine.

The doctors and researchers who were losing their lives and risking their families had enough of his atrocities. On May 6, he was arrested under section 8 of The Epidemic Diseases Act and Regulations. The complaint was filed by the director of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy against Thanikachalam for publishing false information on the disease on social media without the authorities’ permission.

The cybercrime police found that he was running the Rathna clinic for nearly 20 years without any license from the government. There is also no central or state government approved medical qualification or registration for him.

Thanikachalam is only one such example of people not to believe all that is shown in social media. But with many due to fear, seek such fake solutions to only end up with not only monetary losses but also a lot of mental stress.