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Madras Eye is Back again combined with Cough and Fever

Madras Eye Infection is back again

Conjunctivitis season is back in Chennai - Madras eye with fever and cough:

 In 1918, it was bizarre to see Madras (now Chennai) people with red eyes with a sticky substance called Eye Discharge. Everyone was afraid initially, and later in a week's time, it was subsided. Thought the infection spread across the globe, it is colloquially called as Madras eye even now. 

Now the season is back in Chennai with several people walking into the clinic with red itchy eyes, and ophthalmologists opined that the season of conjunctivitis is back. Adults as normal complain of watery eyes while kids contract sore throat, fever, and cold along with the infection.

The viral disease usually requires no medication, but now since cold and cough accompanies, people rush to the hospital. "This does not require treatment unless children are affected with an associated bacterial infection causing eye inflammation or vision disruption," opined Dr.V.Vasumathi of Radhatri Nethralaya. One of the pediatricians said the condition as pharyngoconjunctival fever. It is caused by adenovirus, and it is contagious.

During summer, this will be in peak, and children complain of fatigue and stomach upset. Inpatient treatment is not required, and most of the patients would be treated and send back home. It is not that just by looking at the patients, the disease spreads. When accidentally, the water from the eyes of the patient contracted the others by means of touching, then it becomes contagious.

Wash hands and face thoroughly, and basic hygiene is very important. Don't touch the patient and isolate them for a period of 3-5 days and care for them with proper precaution. If children are infected, it is better not to send them to school. The basic measures are very helpful in keeping us aloof from the infection.

Madras Eye is Back again combined with Cough and Fever

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