Lockdown Extended in Tamil Nadu and Economy Growth also Extended

Lockdown Extended in Tamil Nadu and Economy Growth also Extended

Lockdown Extended in Tamil Nadu and Economy Growth also Extended

Finally, the news is out that Tamil Nadu is extending the lockdown till April 30, 2020. Our state was sitting on the fence despite several states took the independent decision of extending the lockdown.

Odisha was the first to announce the lockdown. Punjab, West Bengal, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, too joined the lane. "But there was a dead air from the state of Tamil Nadu, and this reflects the chief Minister's inability to take independent decisions," slammed the actor turned politician Kamal Hasan.

Also, he added, "what were you waiting for? Why do you always need someone to dictate?" Media reported these were too big a remark used on the state Chief Minister.Due to the prerequisite of Lockdown extension, CM has taken time to made arrangements from the Red region to Green region and finally announced today, which cannot be taken just like that.

The Chief Minister has extended the lockdown till April 30 viz the move was in accordance with the advice by the health experts. After having the meeting with the Prime Minister on Saturday with 13 Chief Ministers, Narendra Modi has favored the decision of the state Chief Ministers to extend the lockdown to contain the spread.

Prime Minister Modi stressed the need to protect life alongside the economy. Hence certain measures are taken to facilitate economic growth too. The World Health Organization (WHO) also suggested the lockdown and statistically gave analytical figures.

Had the lockdown not imposed, the Indian count of infections would have reached 8.2 lakhs by April 15. WHO also applauded India's decision of 21 days lockdown and hinted that the duration does suffice to challenge the pandemic?

During the lockdown, the ration cardholders will get the essential commodities for the month of May at free of cost. Also, the guest laborers will get 15kg of rice, 1kg of Toor Daal and 1kg of edible oil free of cost. Amidst all these, the Prime Minister is addressing the nation tomorrow and expected to announce the lockdown extension till April 30, stating the measures to resurrect the economy and move it in a balanced way. 

India is growing already at a slower pace in six years, and this lockdown will worsen further, and unemployment will hit the country at its peak. Millions of people are already out of work and industries, and small business players took the worst hit.

Based on the infection level, the districts are planned to mark as red, orange, and green. The green zone can continue to do agriculture, construction, and manufacturing activities, keeping social distancing in mind.

Lockdown Extended in Tamil Nadu and Economy Growth also Extended