Kolathur Intercaste Marriage Issue: Elamathi is Still Missing

Kolathur Intercaste Marriage Issue
Kolathur Intercaste Marriage Issue
Salem Kolathur inter-caste marriage: Save Elamathi trends in twitter:
The status of the abducted teenage girl following her self-imposed marriage is unknown. The hashtag #Elamathi Engey is trending on Twitter as police are also actively involved in the search.
Selvan and Elamathi were married on March 9 in Salem district, Kolathur. The married couples and gang of the Dravidian Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who conducted the marriage, were severely beaten and abducted by the girl’s relatives in Salem. Also, her relatives kidnapped the girl after four days of marriage.
The girl, 23, from Kuruppanaickenpalayam, near Bhavani, Erode district, and Selvan, 25, from Gowandappady, have fallen in love with each other. Of these, Selvan belonged to a list of Arunthithiyar, while the young girl belonged to the most marginalized community. The girl’s parents and relatives strongly object to their love.
According to Selvan and the young couple, who decided to marry despite opposition, a self-styled marriage was held on Monday (March 9) under the guidance of the Kavandiyoor Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Eswaran.
Knowing this, more than 40 relatives of the woman entered the residence of Eswaran on Monday night and assaulted him. Similarly, the relatives of the woman found and abducted Selvan and Elamathi, the young, who had been kept safe elsewhere.
The incident has created great tension in Tamil Nadu, but the woman has not been rescued after four days. Dharmapuri MP Senthil Kumar spoke in parliament yesterday. In this situation, the hashtag #whereisElamathi? is trending on Twitter.
According to the police, the abducted Eswaran and Selvan were rescued. But the girl is yet to be found. On Selvan’s side, a lot of people have complained, and they have identified only Veerappan from Kolathur area. “We are investigating who was involved in the incident. The case will be filed after the hearing,”, say police officials.