Actor Vimal and Actor Soori in Kodaikanal

Do famous actors do not need e-pass? Cases are filed against actors Soori, and Vimal by the forest department for traveling to Kodaikanal restricted lake without e-pass. Already there is a debate in the Tamil Nadu of superstar Rajni going to Kelambakkam without e-pass. The Kodaikanal forest officials have now confirmed of fining Rs. 2,000 each coming into the restricted forest area in Kodaikanal.

Actor Soori and Vimal in trouble

On July 18, actors Soori and Vimal and two others posted in the social media about fishing in the Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal. It has landed them in an eye of controversy now as the lake is a restricted area by the forest department.

Also, it is a famous tourist spot that needs tickets costing Rs. 100 for a two hour trip even during the regular days. But now, due to the corona crisis, all the tourist spots, including Kodaikanal, are closed for tourists until further notice.

How did Soori and Vimal pass through the 7 levels of checking?

In these corona crisis days, a common man needs an e-pass to even go to the adjacent district for the deaths of a family member. But how did actors Soori and Vimal pass through the seven-level of checkings by the police, district authorities, Corporation authorities, forest department, tourist department, and others is the question among the people now.

Social media, which is helpful in many ways, is also landing others in trouble. Only yesterday, greater Chennai Corporation commissioner G. Prakash has said that he will enquire about Rajni going to Kelambakkam.

Since Kelambakkam is in the Chengalpattu district, anyone needs an e-pass to go from one district to another. Hence, the people now want to know whether famous actors do not want such e-passes to go to adjacent districts and also enjoy in Kodaikanal lake.