Know the restrictions in lockdown 6.0 in Tamil Nadu

deputy cm o panneerselvam in theni district Covid19 meeting

Deputy CM O Panneerselvam in Theni district Covid19 meeting

Know the restrictions in lockdown 6.0 in Tamil Nadu: Lockdown 6.0 and also unlock down 2.0 starts in India from tomorrow, July 1. With the end of lockdown 5.0, many states have announced lockdown 6.0. Unlockdown 2.0 by the central government allows many activities but not in the containment zones.

Also, theaters, schools, gyms, and a few others will remain closed until unlock down 3.0. Tamil Nadu is one of the many states to announce the continuance of lockdown until July 31. Also, all its public and private bus services will stop from tomorrow, July 1 to July 15.

Coronavirus in India: But all through the lockdown and unlock down, Coronavirus infections keep on raising to reach 5,67,423 cases. It includes yesterday’s 18,000 + infection case, and with 400 + deaths now, the total death tally is 16,882. Prime minister is to address the Indian people at 4 PM today after a month, during this time there were 3,57,783 infections and more than 10,000 deaths.

WHO warns the worst is not even close to being over: WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a virtual press conference yesterday says that the coronavirus pandemic is not even close to being over. It means that it will take a long time for the epidemic to come to an end.

He also said that WHO will be sending a team to China to find the origin of the virus. It is to know more about this novel coronavirus to control its further spread in the world.

Tamil Nadu lockdown and complete lockdown: The five districts which were under complete lockdown from June 19 will continue it until July 5. From July 6, they will have all the relaxations like in other districts which will continue lockdown 6.0. But the containment zones will not enjoy any relaxation during this period.

Also, there will be no public transport in all the districts in Tamil Nadu until July 15. And all the four Sundays in July there will be total lockdown in the whole state with movement allowed only for milk and medicine.

The Indian people are eagerly waiting for the prime minister to announce many measures to safeguard their life and livelihood. His address at 4 PM gains importance as it is after a month that the PM is going to talk about coronavirus. In the meantime has infected more than three and a half lakh people and killed thousands. All the 130 crores of people have to wait for the prime minister announcements today to be safe from this deadly pathogen.

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