Kamala Harris – An Tamil pride in the U.S. Campaign fields

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has nominated California Senator Kamala Harris, as his running mate for the post of Vice-President. The US presidential election is scheduled for November and Kamala holds the pride of appearing along with Joe Biden on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware, mainly because she is the first black woman to compete in the U.S. Presidential elections.

The debate between Kamala Harris and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence is set for October 7, 2020. Kamala Harris has been announced as the Vice Presidential candidate after she lost the Democratic presidential race in December.

Notably, the two main parties in the United States, the Republican Party and the Democrats, have never fielded a black woman as a presidential candidate and Kamala Harris holds the pride for both the continents America and Asia as she is an Indian-American.

Who is Kamala Harris? 55 year old Kamala Harris is an Indian-American whose father Donald J.Harris is a Jamaican and Mother Shyamala Gopalan is an Indian. Shyamala then settled in California despite being brought up in Chennai as a breast cancer specialist and shifted to the U.S. to pursue her Doctorate at the University of California.

After marrying the love of her life in Oakland which blossomed in protest lands to get justice during the Civil Rights Movement. The couple had two girl children, Kamala and Maya. After getting divorce with Donald, Shyamala brought up her two brave women as a black American in Oakland being a single parent.

Now centring to the talk of two nations Kamala

Harris, “She pursued her studies at Harvard University for four years and studied law at University of California. Starting her career at the District Attorney’s Office in Alameda County, she became Attorney General of the District of San Francisco in 2003. She then became the most populous attorney general in California as one of the first African-American women”.

Being a proud movement for Senator Kamala Harris with Democratic President candidate Joe Biden, the Vice Presidential announcement made her overwhelmed with joy and reminisced about her mother’s words during the speech in Wilmington as a candidate.

Kamala marked her mother Shyamala’s words in the noticeable dais as “Stop complaining and start doing” is the mantra for her to stand in this position making two nations proud.

Belonging to a lady from protesting family, Kamala stated that standing along with my mother during her justice calls has carved and helped to reach out long in the United States. I can’t wait to introduce my family to America, says Kamala proudly.