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Kamal Haasan to Turn his Previous Residence into a Hospital

Kamal Haasan to turn his residence a hospital

Kamal Haasan seeks permission from the government to turn his previous residence into a hospital. In the wake of Coronavirus spread, the Indian government is showing full speed actions to prevent the disease spread across the country. Now, the actor turned politician wants to take part in the prevention measure.

In his recent tweet, Kamal Haasan said, that in this critical situation, he likes to utilize the doctors who are also the members of Makkal Needhi Maiam to put hands on some medical duties. He also said that he has decided to turn his previous residence into a hospital to help poor people who are in need of medical assistance at this time. He concluded that he is all set to start his medical aiding if the government permits.

As the whole country is in a complete lockdown, many celebrities are involved in creating awareness about the seld-isolation and social distancing. But, Kamal Haasan, who is a recently-turned politician, wants to get into action instead of just creating awareness through social media.

Also, after the PM's announcement of complete lockdown, Kamal Haasan requested the Prime Minister, in his letter, to provide financial aide to the agricultural workers, construction workers, SMEs, fishermen and manual laborers during the time of lockdown.

Kamal Haasan to Turn his Previous Residence into a Hospital