Doctor on duty, Area wise Covid test in Chennai

The month of June 2020 seems to be the worst year of the century so far for India and the whole world. The havoc that the deadly pathogen has caused is extensive with affecting and killing more than one crore and five million people, respectively.

In Tamil Nadu also, yesterday, June 30, the last day of the month saw near the high 4000 infected cases to take the total tally to cross 90,000 and regain the second position pushing Delhi to third. The 60 dead yesterday takes the total death to cross 1,200.

The much-expected relief from the prime minister ended only with continuance of free five kilo grains until November. Higher education minister K. Anbalagan rumored to have been infected by coronavirus is now officially confirmed of COVID 19 ailment.

Coronavirus havoc in June

The worst-hit countries, due to coronavirus in June 2020 are the US, Brazil, and India. It never seems to stop for now, as confirmed by WHO director-general, saying that the worst is not even near.

And in India, Tamil Nadu is the now the second worst-hit state with the infections increasing everyday from below 1,000 from the start of June to four times now with nearly 4,000 cases. The death also has increased by more than ten times from 100 + to 1200+ in Tamil Nadu.

Coronavirus in the districts of Tamil Nadu

Again Chennai, with 2,393 cases, is increasing its share of the total infections yesterday of 3,943. The other four districts under intense lockdown until July 5 also have an increased number of cases with Chengalpatttu 160, Kancheepuram – 90 Madurai – 257, and Tiruvallur – 153.

Theni district, which was having fewer infections in the last two days, also increased yesterday with 75 cases. The other districts with a spike in cases include

Cuddalore – 53, Kallakuruchi – 66, Sivagangai – 50, Toothukudi 40, Tirunelveli 45, Tiruchy – 40 Vellore – 70, Villupuram – 47, and Virudunagar -49.

Though in the other districts the number of new cases is below 40, still there is a continuous rise in the number of cases in all districts.

Will, the month of July, bring some relief from the coronavirus is the expectation of all the Indian people now. Most of them expected the PM to announce some measures to save their life and livelihood.

But the only benefit of the people from the central government will be the five kilos of grains until November. The prime minister said it is for festivals like Diwali and Chhat Puja, which is famous in Bihar, where assembly elections are due in November. Now it is only for the people to safeguard their lives and livelihood.