Covid 19 Swab Test Tamil Nadu Chennai

In the last three days, India added only one lakh coronavirus infection to jump from 7 to 8 lakhs. Yesterday July 10, the highest 27,271 cases were recorded to take the total tally to 821,388. And with 520 deaths, the overall death tally is 22,139.

In Tamil Nadu, the 10 % positive of the tested cases continue with 3,680 cases of the 35,931 persons tested. On July 9 of the 41,038 persons tested, there were 4,231 infection cases. But the death toll in Tamil Nadu remains high with yesterday’s 64 to reach, 1,829.

Coronavirus infection to Politicians in Tamil Nadu

Sellur Raju becomes the third minister in Tamil Nadu for being treated for COVID 19. All three ministers, including Thangamani and K P Anbalagan, are informed to be stable with the COVID 19 treatment.

Out of the nine MLAs infected, one is dead, and one is discharged after treatment, while the others are under treatment now. Also, former AIADMK minister P. Valarmathi is under COVID 19 treatment now. Parts of Dindugal in Natham are under intense lockdown due to rising infections in that area.

Coronavirus in Chennai

Chennai greets the reduction of coronavirus with welcome showers for the past two days. Out of the 3,680 cases in Tamil Nadu, Chennai accounts for only one-third of 1,205 cases. It is the fourth consecutive day for Chennai to have around 1,200 cases from the highs of 2,400 +.

In many zones, the infection cases are coming below 1,000 claims, and only in three or four zones in Chennai, there are more than 2,000 infection cases. But all have to wait until July 20, which is 15 days after lifting of lockdown on July 5. Only if the people follow social distancing and wear masks in public will there be no raise of infections after July 20.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts

It is continuous good news for Chennai, it isn’t good for many districts in Tamil Nadu. Two thousand four hundred seventy-five cases were reported from many districts, which could become dangerous if it continues in the next few days. Except for Coimbatore, there were more than 100 new infections in all the other big cities like

Salem – 127, Tirucy – 109, Vellore – 140, Virudunagar – 144, Tirunelveli – 145, Toothukudi – 197, Tiruvannamalai – 103, Tiruvallur -220, Theni – 111, Madurai – 198 Kanyakumari – 105, and Chengalpattu – 249.

Not only are infections rising in the other districts, but also the death count. Out of the 64 deaths, 37 deaths were in the districts only as Chennai accounted for only 27 deaths. Hence experts want the government to focus now more on reducing deaths and reducing infections in districts to save people’s lives and livelihood.