E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds – know all the details

E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds - know all the details
E-Pass Tamil Nadu: Fake E-Pass and Paid E-Pass Frauds - know all the details

If you are not a famous actor or not having an e-pass, you will not be able to leave your district borders. The other best option is to pay Rs. 3,000 to go to anywhere in India with e-pass obtained by fraudulent ways. The epass frauds rise in most of the districts in Tamil Nadu now.

There are many WhatsApp numbers to send scanned copies of the identity proofs, and by transferring money to the Google pay of the number to get e-pass within an hour. It is the new business during the worst corona crisis that many people are minting money.

Fake E-pass VS E-pass frauds

Until last month, there were many fake e-pass readily available for few hundreds of rupees. They were color Xerox copies made by forging the signatures and seals of the authorities.

The government took steps to control it by checking it with bar codes and immediately finding them to be forged. Strict action of seizing the vehicles stopped this kind of fake e-passes. But those who made money from that now switched to fake e-pass.

Last month two government officials were arrested in Chennai for arranging such fraud e-pass. But that is not stopping the e-pass fraud rocket from continuing informing customers to send money to the google pay and other ways to get fraud e passes.

The reason for Paid E-Pass frauds

For more than four months now, no one can leave their districts without e-pass. There are thousands of business people who need to travel most of the days for livelihood. Traders for transporting goods from one place to another need to go from one district or one state to another are unable to do it without e-pass.

Also, employees have to go to other districts to work regularly. Apart from this general public need to go to other places for marriage, death, and other reasons. With so much at stake, only a few hundred of e-pass applications are approved to get e-passes.

Others are rejected due to many reasons and most genuine ones get rejected being without proper documentation. For example, people applying to go for deaths need to produce death certificates, which is impossible to get immediately in these corona crisis times. All these culminate in getting e-pass from fraudsters.

E-pass frauds may be the reason for the sudden rise of COVID 19 cases in southern districts.

Madurai’s fraudulent e-pass to come and go there from the southern districts is said to be the main reason for the sudden spike of cases there. There are e-pass fraudsters who even get e-pass for people without proper identity cards as they mingle with others in a vehicle.

Hence any tracing of the COVID 19 infection becomes impossible in such cases. Now, these districts are the most affected by COVID 19 than even Chennai and the adjacent districts. Hence the government has decided to streamline the process and issue e-pass fast and easy for genuine cases.

Chief Minister Edapadi Palaniswami, in his last meeting with the district collectors, has elaborately discussed this e-pass issue with the authorities. Today, the norms for getting the e-pass are eased to give e-pass to most of the applications. It will help not only the people but also the authorities to keep track of the people and stop e-pass frauds.