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ADGP Ravi Warns Domestic Violence Against Women in this Lockdown Period

ADGP Warns Domestic Violence

Dr. Ravi, ADGP for the crime against women and children, warned against domestic violence against women yesterday, April 6. The coronavirus is apart from infecting nearly 4500 people in India and killing approximately 110, which has also caused an increase in domestic violence against women.

Since the 21-day lockdown is on its last week, many frustrated men sitting idle in the house are maltreating women for petty issues. Also, due to the nonavailability of alcohol as increased, this menace is across Tamil Nadu.

ADGP Ravi IPS, who is in charge of the crime against women and children, had warned severe action against those who indulge in domestic violence against women. In a video telecast, the ADGP says there are many reports of violence against women from many parts of the state.  He asked any women affected by violence can immediately contact 181 or 1091 or 100.

They can also use the Kavalan App, and immediately the police will reach the sport and take strict action against the offender. He also said that it is women who are working hard to keep the families together in this lockdown time, and indulging in violence against them is unforgivable.

With India going dry without liquor for the past two weeks, and one more week to go, apart from other worries, being without drinking is a problem for many. Even scientifically also they are facing withdrawal symptoms, which causes them to bang their heads against the walls and get admitted to hospitals with head injuries. Others out of frustration and being idle at home without any work and worried about the future get wild.

They turn their attention on the soft targets, which are the women for centuries. Some get violent and, when faced with opposition,  even indulge in physical violence. Women who have to face the additional burden of feeding all sitting at home 24 hours a day also have to face these abuses. And it is not even sure now with the death and infection rate doubling every four days, whether the lockdown will end on April 14.

In these circumstances, it is for all to be kind to each other. It is to come out of this corona crisis safe and without much damage. Also, it is imperative as it could affect the next generation too.

ADGP Ravi Warns Domestic Violence Against Women in this Lockdown Period