DMK Secretary and MLA J. Anbazhagan tested positive for CoronaVirus.

J Anbazhagan Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Chennai: Tiruvallikeni Assembly Member and DMK Secretary J. Anbazhagan have been hospitalized due to respiratory illness.

Under the DMK’s ‘Ondrinaivom Project,’ J. Anbazhagan has been providing various relief items to his constituents suffering from the curfew. Although the coronavirus was very prevalent in Chennai, he himself mingled with the public to carry out relief work.

In view of this, since the former Chief Minister’s birthday is today, June 3, he has continued to consult with district administrators for welfare assistance. But suddenly, on June 2, at midnight, he suddenly fell ill.

The DMK Secretary has since contacted a senior executive organizing Secretary R.S. Bharathi and informed him about his respiratory illness and said that it is good to be treated in the hospital. So, under his arrangement, Anbazhagan has been admitted to a private hospital in Chrompet, Chennai, for treatment.

During treatment due to shortness of breath in the intensive care unit, Doctors who were skeptical about the symptoms confirmed the CoVid-19 infection after proper examination. Adding up to his illness confirmation, the doctors advised his family to be in isolation for a while.

J. Anbazhagan has been infected with several medical afflictions for years. Therefore, he was diagnosed with CoronaVirus, including wheezing. So the doctors kept him under continuous surveillance. Investigations are being conducted on how the infection spreads to the Secretary. He is the first MLA from Tamil Nadu to be diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

With a ratio of 5:1, CoronaViral infection marks high in Chennai, reaching 25,000 cases overall in Tamil Nadu. However, the relaxation and curfew are equally balanced in the 5th lockdown to tackle the economic disparities prevailing inside the country out of CoVid-19.

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