Covid19 Treatment Permit Suspended, Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai

Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai
Bewell Private Hospital Of Kilpauk In Chennai

The government has suspended the permit license provided for CoronaVirus treatment from the Bewell Private Hospital of Kilpauk in Chennai. The action was taken mainly stating that the hospital charged more than the government-mandated for corona treatment. On investigation, it is clearly proved that the Bewell hospital charged ₹12,20,000 for a patient undergoing treatment of nearly 19 days.

The Department of Public Welfare has already ordered all the Private hospitals to clearly announce the price details of the CoVid treatment for the benefit of the public.Warning on this note,the Public Welfare Department declared that if these kinds of pricing complaints continue among the hospitals,severe action will be taken without concern.

Special Sub Inspector Pandimuni of Kundrathur Police Station in Chennai has been died of CoronaVirus today due to the unsuccessful treatment. Notably, the number of police officers who are losing lives gradually increases.