Corona Prevention Hand Sanitizer Tissue Paper Facemask
CDC has been insisting on wearing a mask while in public with sanitizers and Tissue papers.

Even after six months into the Coronavirus pandemic that killed more than 450,000 people worldwide, there are new instructions to prevent it. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study in Emerging Diseases on the right ways of using the sanitizer to prevent coronavirus infection.

It gains importance as six states in the US has hit new record highs of infection cases on June 16. It has taken the total cases as of now to 2,234,471, and the death toll to 119,941. Hence this study published in the peer-reviewed journal on the right way applying sanitizers gains importance.

No vaccines or scientific treatment for COVID 19

With millions getting infected and the death toll to reach the half-million mark soon globally, there are still no vaccines or a scientifically proved treatment for COVID 19. Recently a study in UK has confirmed using betamethasone to reduce the risk of COVID 19 deaths.

And in the UK, doctors are prescribing it for COVID 19 patients in severe conditions. But in the US, apart from the controversies surrounding the Hydroquinoline medication, there is no other proper treatment for COVID 19 patients.

Hence CDC periodically modifies its existing ways to prevent this novel coronavirus as the scientific world has never encountered such a new type of virus. The latest it the study by CDC published in Energy diseases journal.

How to use sanitizer as per the CDC study?

CDC recommends sanitizers with more than 60 % and 70 % ethanol and isopropanol to reduce the number of pathogens. It also suggests applying the sanitizer in one hand and rubbing it with both sides together. While doing so, it wants the user to make sure that he or she rubs it all over the hands until dryness.

But it also says that thorough washing of hands is better than using sanitizers as it will not be adequate to remove all types of germs and when the hands are more dirty and greasy. It recommends washing the hands with clean water and with soap to prevent the pathogens. Lathering the hands with soap to thoroughly wash the full hands, including the back of the hands and underneath the nails for a minimum of twenty seconds, is essential.

The other three recommendations of CDC to carry while going outside

From April, CDC has been insisting on wearing a mask while in public. It is one of the things it wants the people to carry while going outside.

Carrying sanitizers will help in preventing the pathogens by using to clean hands which come in contact with many viruses infected places.

Tissues are the third one, which will help prevent the infection for the user and the others. While sneezing or coughing, tissue help in covering the face, not letting the virus spread to others.

Since there is no treatment or vaccine and the spread still peaking in many states, it is time to follow the CDC’s instructions to the letter and spirit for learning to live with coronavirus without losing life or livelihood.