In India, for the last two days, the infection cases are not rising above 12,368 cases which were the highest on June 13.

In India, for the last two days, the infection cases are not rising above 12,368 cases which were the highest on June 13. But in India and Tamil Nadu, the death toll is fast-rising than it was ever before. And that too it is not only older people and with other diseases, but also of all ages.

A young 15 years old boy died yesterday after a 17 years old girl died a few days back in Tamil Nadu. And Chennai which has become a cluster of coronavirus and people are fleeing away from Chennai. But they are stopped at many district and state border outposts and not letting them inside their states or districts.

Chennai COVID 19 cluster

If in Tamil Nadu, the total infection cases jumped from June 10 of 36,841 to 48,019 on June 16, Chennai is the significantly affected place. Out of the 12,000 instances increase in Tamil Nadu, nearly 10,000 cases were reported only from Chennai.

From 25,937 cases on June 10, it has now gone to 34,245 cases in Chennai. It has led to again a severe lockdown of the whole of Chennai from June 19 until June 30. Some parts of its three neighboring districts, Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu, and Tiruvallur, will also come under strict lockdown for these 12 days.

Death toll rising in Tamil Nadu and Chennai

In the last month alone, the death toll rose from one hundred to more than 500. With yesterday’s death toll of 49 people, the total death tally is 528, mostly in Chennai. The death toll in Tamil Nadu is in line with the increase in India’s deaths, which is fast reaching 10,000.

Others states and districts not allowing Chennai people

Thousands and thousands of people living and stranded in Chennai are fleeing it. It is by road, trains, and flights and seems to end only on the midnight of June 18 when the lockdown again starts to restrict all movements from 12.01 AM on June 19.

But Pondicherry and even other districts are not allowing the vehicles carrying Chennai people into their districts. They are long queues of vehicles waiting in many of the check posts in all sides of the Chennai borders with other districts.

Dharavi is becoming a role model from a hot spot.

Dharavi Asia’s largest slum is now fast becoming the role model from being the Coronavirus hotspot. Eighty people share a toilet, and eight people live in a 100 sq.ft. hut in Dharavi. But an assistant commissioner of Bombay Municipality, Kiran Dighavker, screened more than 7 lakh people out of the 10 lakh living in this slum. Only one-third of those affected before are now getting infected.

Dharavi Mumbai survived from Corona Infection

When the infected cases in India, Mumbai, and Chennai are rising in thousands, Dharavi reduced its infections to only 20 per day. It is because of Kiran taking the people into confidence and transparently helping all those who are infected to get a cure. It is only Kerala and Dharavi becoming role models in India for others to follow.

The people of Dharavi realized the dangers of COVID 19 and followed all standard operating procedures even in impossible conditions to be now almost free of coronavirus. Only if the same is followed in Chennai, the infection and death toll could reduce shortly.