DMK Chief MK Stalin Alleges that TN Government is Covering up the Truth behind Coronavirus Deaths
MK Stalin Alleges the TN Government
Tamil Nadu

DMK Chief MK Stalin Alleges that TN Government is Covering up the Truth behind Coronavirus Deaths

DMK Chief MK Stalin alleges that the ruling government in Tamil Nadu is covering up the mortality rate in the state. He also raises questions about Community Spread of Coronavirus in Chennai and requests the government to take measures based on science.

In his recent statement, on his twitter page, he alleges that 398 deaths occurred until June 4 since the outbreak in Chennai alone while the government has only reported 167. He backs his allegation on the state government with the reports of spy birds.

Stalin demands the reports of the people who have died in home quarantine as his allegations state that the government has reported the deaths that occurred only in the hospitals.

MK Stalin’s Death Report Countering the Report of the Department of Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu

The DMK chief has also released statistics on the real death count to counter the government’s published reports. Since the outbreak, the State Controle Room is releasing news about the infection rate and death rate. However, the report fails to answer some questions like what is the exact numbers of the people who are admitted to the Government Hospitals every day, how many ventilators are there in the hospitals, how many infected patients are there in private hospitals and the deaths occurring in the private hospitals and how many patients are there in ventilator support.

MK Stalin also said that the people in the state’s capital Chennai are already in grave fear, now this is not the time to stage the politics by covering up the real statistical information. He also states that this coverup should be considered as treasons committed by the AIADMK party to the people.

Stalin also requests the ruling party of Tamil Nadu that the people are expecting necessary action from the government, not the rhetoric. In his tweet, MK Stalin asked the government of Tamil Nadu to announce the five zones of the Chennai as the highly controlled area and embraces the families living that area by giving Rs. 5000 to fight the spread of coronavirus.

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