Madurai High Court asks governments to ban the online gambling games

Justice Pugalendi of the Madurai High Court today, July 24, asked the State and central governments to ban online money based games like Rummy. He also referred to the neighboring State of Telangana of banning it, as it spoils many families, especially during this coronavirus lockdown times.

Playing online Rummy gambling has increased in the last few months due to many people without work sitting at home. There are increased reports of frauds, domestic violence, and loss of money, career, and many people are behind bars due to this online money gambling game.

Madurai High Court’s observations on online gambling games

Today a petition came up for hearing before Justice Pugalendi in the Madurai High Court. Filed by one Siluvai of Koodangulam in Nellai district, it was for the court to order the police not to arrest people playing cards without disturbing the public. In the petition, the said Siluvai has prayed for quashing the FIR filed against him and others.

It was for them playing cards in the garden on the outskirts of their village. The petitioner has claimed that only playing cards in public and disturbing them are an offense. Justice Pugalendhi, while hearing the petition, made many valuable observations regarding online gambling games. He said that all over India, there should be a ban on these games like now in Telangana.

The State and central governments should bring in laws to ban it. He also said that like the lottery banned in 2003 in Tamil Nadu, this online game should also be banned. His contention was that the online Rummy game is more of a fraud for the people to lose their money.

Coronavirus has killed more than 3,000 in Tamil Nadu, and 30,000 in India and has also spoilt the livelihood of crores of people. With not much financial assistance or job opportunities, not only the youth of today but also middle aged and older adults fall prey to the luring advertisements to play Rummy online and earn money.

But the truth is no one has gambled and earned money consistently. And that too in online mode, desperate people for the need of money also lose whatever they have to feed their children and other fundamental requirements. Hence, the Judge’s observations will be welcomed by the people to save those addicted to this fraud online games and their families.